Adventures of Frugal Man Issue #1 – A Tale of Frugal Living

Hey there! So I’m excited to write this post because this is starting up a new segment on the site: The Adventures of Frugal Man!


Yeah not as exciting as adventures with Superman or Batman but hey every superhero has to start somewhere.
In my past people have called me dirty names like cheap or broke. I prefer the word frugal, the idea of spending too much money on an item hurts me to the bones. I have a bad habit of breaking down an item and figuring how much they are making off of me. Screw corporate profit margins. The next thought is how much can I save by getting off my lazy a** and doing the work myself. Can’t help it, just who I am as a person.


This past two weeks I had the perfect example to show my exemplary skills at being frugal to save some cash. I had to go to my insurance claims training in Tampa  for two weeks and live in a hotel with a mini fridge & microwave. I talked to the class trainer prior about the per diem setup for the training. I was informed we will receive a Visa pre-paid card with $540 for the two weeks and breakfast will be served in the hotel. At that small instant Frugal Man went into saving cash mode. My next question for the trainer was do we keep anything left over on the pre paid card and yes I know I’m very forward at times. Needless to say the trainer said, “Yes anything left after you will take with you.”


After I realized I get to keep the rest of the money I got excited for training and couldn’t wait. I mean $540 just to spend on food away from home and on top the hotel room has a microwave and fridge. Too easy. Hell the wife and me don’t spend that much on food in a month. The opportunity was too good to be true; it felt like a dream come true.


Family Love

I talked my manager into letting me drive from Atlanta, GA to Tampa FL for two main reasons:

  1. I can visit family in Orlando
  2. Planes scare the living life out of me and didn’t want to pay for drinks for me to be “ok” on the flight

I visited my family the day before training to see how everybody is and you know the usual things you do with family you haven’t seen in a minute. But when I left my Mom let me take left overs and some food they don’t eat. CHA CHING!!!


Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Luck was around me for the whole two weeks of training and my hotel was a big part of it. The hotel wasn’t only awesome in every way but they had a legitimate breakfast every morning. Not your regular continental breakfast but eggs, toast, bacon, grits and waffles kind of breakfast.

That food was amazing!


Added bonus they had tea, fruit, small cereal boxes and muffins. I loaded up in a responsible way and used their food as snacks throughout the day. No need to purchase over priced snacks or drinks in a vending machine. Screw corporate profit margins that prey on desperate consumers


This part I am a little bit ashamed of but had to do what I needed to do. Living in a hotel for two weeks I ran into the problem of having no plates, napkins or silverware. I didn’t want to eat like a cave man for two weeks so I used my resources around me. The hotel had no plates, silverware or condiments to give to me so I had to get resourceful. Across the street from the hotel was a shopping plaza with all the resources I need for the FREE!!! Well not exactly free free but I think it’s free.


  • Pizza Hut – I ordered a large pizza that lasted for two days. In addition, I asked for 10 paper plates and they obliged. Plate problem solved!
  • Publix – Love Publix and got all my groceries to store in the hotel. Also, I snagged a dozen of forks, spoons and knives. No more eating like a caveman for me!
  • McDonalds – Ordered a 10 piece McNugget one night out of pure laziness. But I had corn dogs at the hotel and asked for extra ketchup……then asked for even more ketchup. The lady at the window laughed making a ketchup thief joke. Thank god I have tough skin. Ketchup problem is no more!
Thank you Publix for the hospitality.

My Results

It was quite the challenge to be non social while my other co-workers were going out


daily to dinner and Top Golf. And I love Top Golf with a passion. My two weeks consisted me constantly trying to avoid being asked about going out to dinner. I’m sure my colleagues think I’m the most quiet person ever. At the end of the day the results spoke for itself.I spent less than $95 for two weeks while staying a hotel. I’m extremely proud of myself by the way. A major lesson I learned  is to take each day by day. Sure I could have went out every now and then, with out even hurting my budget. I only spent a total of $94.97 and could have easily enjoyed myself for a night. My focus was greater though!

Well that just about does it for my first issue of Adventures of Frugal Man. This is just a minor win for me but I know more is on the way. My next adventure is coming soon about how I avoided paying for a new phone with my current phone going to hell.

Stay frugal friends




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  1. MND –

    Congrats and great work. It takes a tough decision to make to not go out and socialize, but you knew your end goal and ended with over $400 in your pocket on your way back home. Outside of the pizza and McDonalds… haha… you probably ate healthy with the leftovers. Nice work, all around!


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