Six “Money Things” I’m Thankful For

Hey everybody! Are you as shocked as I am that Turkey Day is coming up in a few days? The holidays always sneak up on us so fast, not as fast as the Barry Allen though obviously. But I was inspired a while back to write this post and share a few money things I’m thankful for.


Earlier I’ve been contemplating about whether to write this post because I didn’t want to come off as gloating. After more deliberation I talked myself into it and convinced myself it’s my blog anyways, right? Either way, I have a quick disclaimer.


This post is not meant to gloat about our lives. It is not meant to make your accomplishments seem any worse or better. This post is simply to share money things I’m thankful for and to hear more about yours. Yes that’s right, I want you to share your money things you are thankful for after reading this post.


I’m hoping this helps you realize that we all have “money things” to be thankful for no matter where you are in life. We take a lot for granted and taking the time out to appreciate our own lives is important. So as you read on, think about what you are thankful for money wise. Whether it’s saving $50 for traveling or buying a mansion. I want to hear all about it!


Alright, I’m getting off my soap box now. Let’s dig into this shall we.

#1 Emergency Fund


When I look back at our finances in 2014 they were not organized, low and the thought of saving money for an emergency made me crap my pants. If an emergency happened back then, plan A would have been selling furniture and clothes. But since then we have been fortunate enough to save up to $3,500 in our emergency fund. The amount of pressure that was taken off cannot be over exaggerated.


A good way to explain the feeling is driving with car insurance and without it. You may freak out driving without insurance and on the other hand when you covered you drive more relaxed.



#2 Starting the Debt Snowball


You all probably have heard of a lady named Sallie Mae that knocks on your door everyday for her money. Well we paid our Sallie Mae loan for about a total of 2 years. The loan was defaulted in 2014 and to get in their good grace we paid around $2,000 and made monthly payments of $125. Later on in August 2015 they offered a deal to forgive half of the loan if we paid $520 a month. This past August we made that last payment and are finally done. Glad to have that b**ch off our backs.


Overall 2016 we paid off thousands of dollars of debt and it feels so good to have gotten the snowball moving. Pressure has been taken off our shoulders. More importantly the light at the end of the debt tunnel is getting bigger! I strongly encourage starting a snowball debt. Click here to learn more about what it is.

#3 Bills Are Paid


This is a simple thank you that I take for granted every day. But all of our bills are paid! We always have been able to manage to pay bills on time and after reflecting it is a huge accomplishment to be thankful for.


#4 Investing in Ourselves


If this is the first post you are reading then you may not know I have a big frugal heart. Too frugal to the point where it has been hard for me to pay for services and invest in myself. Hell paying for the blog was a large step for me.


Luckily thanks to my cheerleader (the wife) I’m slowly getting better and loosening the dead grip on the wallet. I was fortunate enough to purchase Certified Financial Planning classes to help me transition to a new career. I’m extremely thankful that I have my wife to help me spend my money on wise purchases and invest in myself. She is investing in classes as well to learn more about urban planning. As the saying goes, “It takes money to make money!”


#5 Preparing for the Move


Prior to the start in this blog I wrote about our September ups and downs, you can read it here if you missed it. But we moved to Atlanta from Dallas in 2016 and before the move we spent several months saving a total of $3,000. That has to be the smartest move we have done all year. Compared to the move form Atlanta to Dallas, where we had nothing saved, this was a complete turn around. Though the move didn’t go as smoothly as I wished, it was the comfort of knowing we had the money for any “uh ohs.” Best believe we had plenty of them.


#6 Don’t Have to Sweat the Small Stuff


My father came from a working class family in Pensacola. His goal while growing up was to go to a restaurant and not worry how much the bill is. That has been my mentality that came in thru the genes I suppose. I’m ecstatic and proud to say that we don’t have to worry about small expenses such as going out to events, joining professional groups and small vacations. Being able to shrug off small expenses is a big difference from our lives in 2014. Once again, I’m extremely thankful for this accomplishment.

That just about does it for my “money things” that I’m thankful for. The year is wrapping up and so much has changed. I’m still trusting that this blog doesn’t come off as bragging or anything of that nature. I promise you that my intentions are to be taken as humble and thankful.


I hope that you all have a great ending to 2016 as it comes near to an end. Don’t forget to share one “money thing” you are thankful for. Small or big I want to hear all about it. And as you reflect on what “money things” you are thankful for, I suggest writing it down. Next time when you are feeling down you will have a list to remind you of how fortunate you are.




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