September Money Recap

Hey all! Before I go into our monthly recap, I want to let you know the purpose of our monthly recap posts. I want to be transparent as possible to remind everybody setbacks will happen and it is how you recover that makes you better. If you fall down get right back up and stay focused. Also, remember that we all can help each other just by telling our own stories. My true hope is to help anyone reading this post by writing about our mistakes so you don’t have to make the same one. Trust and believe these month’s mistakes were no fun for anyone.

Alright lets get into this now! I hope September has treated you better than it treated us. It has been tough month as we moved from Dallas, Texas back to our favorite city Atlanta, Georgia. My birthday happened during the course of the move so not too much celebration was done but that’s the way I like it. #winning.

The Move


Prior I mentioned our big move back to Atlanta. We moved to Dallas in 2015 to make more money and gain more experience in our careers, which we did accomplish. Moving to Dallas was also a good move for our mindset and getting out of the thoughts of “Keeping up with the Joneses.”
But with my fear of flying, us wanting to settle down and the heat in Dallas a move back to Atlanta was highly appreciated. Once I accepted a new position, that pays more by the way, we started planning the trip logistics as far as how to move and where to move. We ran into a snag that probably cost a few hundreds in the month though. We planned well as far as how to move but not where to live. It’s not like we didn’t talk to anybody or put in applications. On the contrary, we put in the applications and the owners took their sweet time with approving applications and getting rooms ready. It did end with us staying with a real good friend (thanks by the way) for two weeks and though the home was very nice it is nothing like having your own. It was a long two weeks and looking back I realize how lucky we were. In the end the blame is still on us for not planning early enough, lesson learned.


So the lesson here to be learned is to have a place before you move. These apartments and housing companies can take way too long and want the world from you. Hopefully this will be the last time we have to move into an apartment as owning a home is one of our goals for 2017!

The Numbers

September was the most expensive month we had together for our entire lives and that includes our wedding month. I keep track of our spending/income on because I could never do such a good job of tracking everything. Here is the breakdown for the month.


Income Spending/Expenses Total
$6,906.09 $7,999.39 $1,093.30

Yes that is a negative total of $1,093.30. But it didn’t hurt us since we have been planning for the move since the beginning of the year. We had saved up a total of $3,000 for the move itself and the planning paid off. My advice for anyone who is considering moving it is to start saving now. The savings really aided us and I’m so glad we planned early.

Breakdown for the income consists of our regular paychecks and also vacation hours that are being paid out for leaving the company. Not a bad month!

Breakdown for the expenses is a little bit more complicated. We lived with a friend for two weeks, paid deposits, paid applications, eating out, moving truck, car transport, movers and then the regular bills. I’m truly happy we don’t have to move again, it sucks big time.

That about wraps up our September month. We did not pay extra on any debt besides the regular payments since we had to focus all funds on the move. October however is looking positive already. My new company sent me on training for two weeks and it includes a per diem on a Visa card that we get to keep extra money afterwards. I will be posting a blog on that as well to see how frugal I can be and how much money I can save on that card.

Overall the main two takeaways are:

  • Solidify a location before moving
  • Save early for major expenses.

It seems like common sense for most I’m sure but sh*t happens along the way. Best to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Bring on October and the pumpkin spice lattes!!!



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