October Recap

Welcome to the first of the month good people. Thanks for sticking around here with us. If you’re new to the monthly recap I do a “what’s going on with us” post every month in hope you learn something from our life to improve yours. It goes over the income, expenses, uh – ohs, goals check and lessons learned. Sit back and enjoy the read. If you missed last month catch up here because it was a long a** month!

October in Georgia, have to love the leaves.

October was good to us! Living in the city of Atlanta that we  love, riding the Marta to Little Five Points and we officially moved in to our apartment. On the downside we got use to the Atlanta traffic and the notion that traffic can/will exist at anytime of the day. Our income was lower than usually and still managed to come above our expenses, gotta celebrate the little wins. Lets get into the numbers!


Income vs. Expense









Compared to last month our expenses were amazingly low. No moving expenses contributed to keeping the spending down. Income was low as only one of us had a job. Thank god for savings because otherwise we would have to move with both of us employed.


Starting in November we are able to get back on our cash budget for the month. We use $500 for food, gas and miscellaneous expenses for the month. Anita received her last check from the Dallas job. We paid two monthly rents, which is a bummer, but November will be the last payment for only half of the Dallas apartment rent.


One of our main goals since 2014 was to live off of one income and save the other income. Whelp folks after two years we are going down that road. The wife has a new job where the majority of her income will go into a savings account. My paycheck will pay for all expense that we encounter. This will add some muscle to our savings account and help reach goals with lightning speed.


Our future ambitions change from time to time but I would like to think for the most part they stay the same. We decided to put off out of the country trip to start saving up for a down payment for a home. Priorities suck sometimes! Optimistically hoping that in the end a homeowners buyer program will pay the down payment for us. In case it doesn’t our down payment will be in the bank waiting to be used!

Paying off debt is coming steadily along. We still pay extra on two accounts but have not been as aggressive than we were in the past. Slow progression! The 4th quarter I tried something new and broke down the student loans into all the smaller accounts. Can’t say I like it, will most likely go back to the old way of writing down the debt.
Debt Snowball

Another cost we plan on factoring into the near future is my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) courses. The courses cost average $3,900 – $4,500 and I’m still working on myself to make the investment in myself. My frugal a** is trying to find discounts at all cost to avoid Sallie Mae loans.

New stock

I purchased 1 share of Signet Jewelers so I’m officially an investor at this point. Haven’t made it rich so don’t worry I’ll still keep blogging. But here are a few things that led me to my decision in which company to purchase a piece of:


  • Price – I allocated only $100 to invest with since I would not miss this money from my personal account. Budget shopping at it’s best.
  • Past History – The strategy I have chosen for investing is similar to my real estate strategy. Buy low and sell high in the future. Signet Jewelers stock worth was $149.17 on 11/2/15 today the stock is worth $80.72 closing day 11/1/16.


  • Business Model – An investor should know the basics of the business model for the company or industry. Signet Jewelers is the world’s largest diamond retailer of diamonds. As long as people keep getting married I feel safe with my investment.

Future stock purchases will be more complicated as I learn more about the industry and buying. Until then it’s going to be a basic model and daily watching.

That wraps up the month of October in a nice pumpkin colored scarf. I never complain about life so I won’t start now. Major lesson I learned this month is to not wait to pursue something you want. I had been meaning to start investing for the past three years and now just finding the courage to take the first step. If you find yourself waiting for the perfect moment, spoiler alert, it’s not coming. Get moving and take the first step.




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  1. MND –

    Nice job! Great work investing and saving funds, also are you taking courses so you can then take the CFP as you don’t have the required courses yet? OR is this just the study material for the CFP Exam? Nice work over there.


    1. Hey Lanny thanks for stopping by. I’m going to start my courses in January and pass that test around November 2017!

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