January Month Recap

Happy February everybody. *huge inhale* Don’t you smell the love in the air already? I know I do and I’m not just saying that because my wife is likely to read this post. January was a boring month besides Trump in office signing executive orders like nobody’s business.

For my newbies on this blog I like to do a recap of each month showcasing the ups and downs. My hope as always is that you learn something from our lives to better your life financially. Got it? Ok, good! Let’s dig into the month of January.

Money Situation

January was a basic month for money. I put more use into Mint, which I suggest. I  added all the bills that I can to make it easier to keep track of which bill have been paid. Making my life a lot easier. If you aren’t using Mint, I strongly suggest to give it a try. I calculated our net worth, helping put our current situation onto paper. To figure your net worth click here. A updated net worth figure will be posted soon but in the meantime our net worth in January was a negative $29,382.

We didn’t put anything extra to debt in January. Why you may ask? Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to mention we PURCHASED A HOME!!! All of the extra money was put on a hold until the purchase went through and as of 1/31/17 we are officially homebuyers. Good news is we had money left over to help with any other expenses. Emergency Fund was not touched at all. We kept around our initial budget of $125,000 and saved up the money since October 2016. Living within our means and off one income the saving process was very easy. With the purchase we are less likely to move around (one of the New Year goals) and not throw money into the never-ending pit of rent.

I learned a lot more from the experience and will discuss more on that in another post.

No Meat for 31 Days

One of my many New Year Goals, you can see the other goals here, was to not eat any meat for the first 31 days of the year. That did not include seafood, so I was a pescetarian. I mean I’m not a monster; I need some type of solid that resembles meat. But I did make it the whole 31 days! My body has felt much lighter without meat. The lifestyle made me start trying new foods to keep dinner exciting. I stayed away from a lot of fast food spots, and that is great being that some meat may not be real anyways. Overall I feel healthier and I think that is primarily to just thinking I’m healthier. I can’t say I have ever been in tune with my body that closely but I can say I feel better overall. It’s always a great feeling to know you accomplished a goal.

Most likely I will continue eating no meat for a few days. I did this before in August 2016 for around 40 days or so and that was in Dallas, Texas where ribs grow on trees. My goal now is to make past 45 days.

Blog Views

Since the blog was started in September I have had many people ask me about blogging, how do I know what to write, my goals and viewership. I go by page views via Jetpack on WordPress since it shows me the top pages of the month. My goal of 1000 page views each month is ongoing so I can reach the total 12,000 page views for 2017. This past January page views came to a total of 912 views and 383 visitors. Awesome!!!

I had the intelligent Ivy Investor come by for a guest post, which made it easier on me and helped with views. I was off by just a little in January but February is going to be much better, I’m claiming it! Looking to implement more marketing and guest bloggers that can offer more knowledge to readers.

As far as subscribers, I’m now up to 49 subscribers. Still striving for 500 this year! Now that I mention it have you subscribed? Well go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter. You don’t want to miss out on exclusive information I send to subscribers do you? Didn’t think so.

CFP Process

If you missed my Instagram post then you missed the news that I passed the first section covering General Finance. I’m currently working on the Insurance section and finally my five years of insurance are paying off. Planning on being done with this section within the month as long as the house projects don’t take over.

From the section it has reminded me how imperative it is to look at your insurance to determine if you are being covered properly. I have the disdain pleasure of informing customers that their insurance will not cover their damages and they are on the hook for the bill. It’s a bitter feeling that has become the norm routine. Please look at your insurance coverage. If you have any questions on your coverages feel free to message me at Info@themillennialsnextdoor.com

Don’t worry I’m not a salesman just a claims adjuster who doesn’t like denying people.

February Focus

This month we are mainly focusing on the home and getting settled. My personal focus is growing website traffic/subscribers, finishing the next CFP section and getting back into being a brand ambassador. All of my money, 10% of my paycheck, has been going to either the blog or to pay for the CFP classes. I miss paying for random crap so a second job is needed.

In addition, I’m still working on the business plan for my company that will help millennials by creating financial plans with their goals in mind. The Facebook community is still coming, sorry for the wait but I’m excited to see it come to reality.

I’m interested to know how your month was as well. Give me all the ups and downs in the comments or in email

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  1. Wow!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you both on purchashing your home! Wonderful and STRONG way to start the new year. Walking into the door of your new home will surely be motivation to work hard and continue to crush goals. My month was pretty good. I have paid down all debt except 400 dollars on one card that is interest free, but I plan to knock it out in February and then I will only have a mortgage and student loan debt to tackle. Keep the posts coming they are very motivating. Congratulations again ENJOY!!

    1. That’s awesome Latia, you go! Glad to hear you are knocking down that debt one by one. And thank you, you are the home is a big motivation now!!

  2. Yayyyyy!!! Congratulations guys!!!! Last month, I promised God that I would give up meat for 30 days of he can point me to the place I am planting roots. So God showed his greatness and the day my 30 day no meat promise ended I have an Accepted Offer on a co-op. I also won a book last month!!!! Thanks to the Millenials Next Door!! AND on January 20th I started a small class teaching my girlfriends about credit, budgeting and saving.

    1. You go Mareline! The 30 days with no meat is tough isn’t? And very nice with spreading your knowledge to help your friends. That’s what its all about, everyone helping each other out!

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