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Hey there, my name is Andre Albritton. I’m your average Millennial Next Door who is a finance junkie, CFP in training and wannabe superhero.

When I was a child I sold half of my play room to my older brother. Why you ask? Well my laziness got the best of me and if I sold my half  I wouldn’t have to clean it anymore.

Genius right!?

Apparently I didn’t think it entirely through. I had forgotten in order to go downstairs I had to pass through the play room. Man I tell you, the tolls my brother charged really racked up over the next few days. My allowance went from my parent’s hand straight to his. Over the course of a few months I became in debt to my brother.

In just that short time span I became frugal conscience and it has stayed with me to this day.

Fast forward to 2014 my wife and I found ourselves underwater in debt and felt suffocated. We had a large amount of debt and little paying jobs. We knew nothing about budgeting, paying off debt, investing or saving.  School didn’t teach us how to pay taxes, when to pay off your debt, how interest works and how to budget. On top of being broke the debt collectors were knocking on the door for their MONEY! It looked impossible at first when reality set in at our kitchen table trying to think of what to do.  Luckily we listened to the Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover and gained a new mindset.  It forced us to look at all of our finances and take self responsibility. We did the hardest thing ever and took the first step to debt freedom with no looking back.

“I started this blog to spread financial knowledge for others to use to improve their life financially.”

I have picked up a lot of tips and more importantly learned my fair share of lessons. I’m currently studying for the Certified Financial Planner certification. As I learn how financial planners help the wealthy become wealthier, I share the information to anyone who is willing to learn and improve their financial standpoint.

I have become a self-learner and want YOU to be the same!!!

Ask yourself, have you ever wanted any of these things?

  • A life without worrying about financial hardships

  • A life not depending on your next paycheck

  • A life that your children can be proud of

  • A life with more cash to invest and have fun with

  • A life where all your dreams are attainable

If you said yes to one of these questions this blog is for you.

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Thank you for stopping by. Stay focused and work towards your DREAMS!!!

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