Creating and Crushing Goals in 2017

Each year we come to the same time of the year to make New Year’s resolutions, hopefully to better our lives. Exciting right!!!? I looked back on my 2016 goals to see what I accomplished in high hopes to share on this post. Sadly I ran into a small problem and can’t even find my goals……pitiful I know. 2016 Andre didn’t do a hot job with keeping track of goals and I’m changing it for this upcoming year. So for 2017 I’m taking myself more serious and even researching on best tactics to make goals for the New Year. And as always when I find useful information, that others can benefit from I BLOG ABOUT IT!!! Time to crack into this.


It’s now time to get started on how to set yourself up for success in 2017. Trying to remember my goals from the start in the year they were very broad, no targets to hit,  and not big enough. From reading I learned how to make my goals more strategized, trackable and all around smarter.

I came across some amazing information on how to make SMART goals and tips on following through on each goal to success.

Think of what your main goal is that you want to accomplish. Imagine a vivid scene of what happens when you achieve each goal, where it will lead to and what’s next. Consider what will keep you motivated and what will make you happy.

Use this acronym as a bone structure for each goal.

                                     S – Specific, significant, stretching

                                     M – Measurable, meaningful, motivation

                                     A – Attainable, achievable, action-oriented

                                     R – Relevant, realistic, rewarding

                                     T –Time-bound, tangible, trackable


Here are a few of my personal goals using the above descriptions as an example.

  1. Commit a minimum of 4 hours per week towards studying for the CFP.
  2. Close on a house in 2017 that will increase in value and provide stability for my wife and me.
  3. Kick out meat (except fish) of my diet for the first 31 days of the 2017-year to become healthier and more energetic.
  4. Achieve over 1,000 page views on the Millennials Next Door blog each month of 2017.

In each goal I focused on making sure it is specifically related to my overall goals and will lead to the life I wish to live. Each goal also has a timeline, since I’m a procrastinator, and realistic. Most important, each goal is motivating and meaningful to me.

Now that you have some examples in your head you can start thinking of your own goals you want to accomplish for 2017. After you have the main goals written down start thinking how to break each goal down into smaller “to do” tasks. For example, one of my goals is to increase my Fan page, speaking of such don’t forget to like me on Facebook! I have broken this goal down into smaller actions that all will equal to a larger following.

Small Actionable list

  • More content positing
  • Advertised posting
  • Giveaways for readers, such as the book giveaway.
  • Engaging with fans

I had trouble getting started but once I got rolling I was moving baby. Here are some tips to help you knock each goal out of the park.


Write it Down

The difference between ideas and plan is a plan comes to fruition because it was written down. Every goal you have for the New Year should be written down on an actual physical piece of paper. You can even go the extra mile and place your goals on a wall you walk by every day. I promise you that the chances of you finishing each goal will increase. Each time you walk by will be a reminder of what goals you have.


Break it Down

Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Your goal seems huge at times because well it probably is. It can be intimidating when you have a huge goal to accomplish so try to break it down. That goal can most likely be broken down into several “to do” actions that will ultimately lead to accomplishing that goal.


Not to beat a dead horse but make sure each goal follows the SMART rules. Making a goal that doesn’t better your life or is unattainable can be a waste of your precious time. Follow the rules and succeed.


Build Momentum

Similar to the same ideology of the debt snowball, list some small goals that you can accomplish easy and knock them out! Cross it off the list. When you finish each goal you are just warming up to tackle the bigger goals. Remember your mindset is your most powerful asset.


Accountable Partners

This goes back to kindergarten and it still works throughout adulthood. Link up with a family member, friend, associate or hell even a stranger to hold you accountable to completing your goals. Make sure your accountability buddy is just as serious as you and have similar goals. The fire inside can die out but it is your buddy’s job to keep the flame a light.


Check In’s

Set yourself on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check in to reevaluate and track your progress. During the year goals will change based on your own development. Maybe you realize that you aren’t ready to buy a home after all and that you instead want to go back to school. Nothing wrong with changing goals as long as you are progressing in life. The check in should be focused on tracking your progress toward your goals and confirming each goal is still relevant.

Comment below with some of your SMART goals for 2017. I believe that with enough focus and sacrifice YOU can accomplish your goals. Nothing is holding you back but yourself. The lesson I learned in 2016 is the first step is the hardest but it becomes easier every step after. I have been fortunate to continue to get out of bed and will never complaining about my life.


Cheers to 2017!!!!!



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  1. I love reading about people’s goals for 2017 as it gives me motivation to figure out if there’s something else I could be doing. I love that you set up SMART goals for yourself as they have been known to work.

    I look forward to reading your success in 2017 and hope you and your family have a great New Year!!!

  2. Nice goals Andre! Publishing this article and documenting your goals will force you to be accountable! I’m excited to see how cutting meat out of your diet helps and if it is something worth exploring. Best of luck!


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