Hey there, my name is Andre an average millennial struggling to make it to financial freedom. I'm a fan of all kinds of music, reading random facts and a finance junkie. Since I was a kid and I owed my bigger brother money I always knew that debt wasn't for me. After that I became cheap and learned how to make every dollar stretch. In the past three years I have become more strategic and turned into a money junkie. I worked in insurance for over 8 years so far while holding a property & casualty license, life and health license and casualty adjuster license. In the near future I plan to move into the finance area where my passion is to help others find their financial freedom. The Millennials Next Door blog was founded to help our readers by giving a realistic journey to financial freedom and knowledge to help. Everyone has different intensity levels when it comes to paying off debt. We found our level and want to help others find theirs!!!

Credit Score Breakdown

A credit score is a tool that companies use to figure how financially responsible you are. They use the 3-digit number to decide whether to give you money, assets and decide how large the deposit needs to be. You most likely know why you need a good credit score already[…]

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