Adventures of Frugal Man Issue #3 – The Silver Tongue Salesman

Another great adventure of Frugal Man, this week we go back into time of how Frugal Man and his smart, lovely and amazing wife spent $50 on wedding bands. We recently celebrated our 2nd year anniversary, which was awesome by the way. Had dinner at an expensive restaurant in Atlanta, called the Sun Dial. I had to hold onto a bar in the elevator as it went up to the 65th floor. Before you judge me the elevator is on the outside of the building. Luckily I had a few drinks so the ride down was a peace of cake.


During our anniversary dinner it made think of our wedding and how frugal we had to be because we didn’t have much. We were broke at best. Hence comes in the wedding bands. Luckily we heard of an event that will give you wedding bands for the free. Yes that’s right, free wedding bands. Long story short we went to the event, received a coupon for the wedding bands, paid $50 for shipping and received our wedding bands. Simple right?!



I’m not proud of this part of the story. The salesman for the presentation talked about these pots & pans and put them above no other. To say he was good is an understatement. He swayed the crowd with his words. He used hip-hop lyrics to connect with us young folks. He made the environment laid back and everyone much relaxed. He came in for the kill at the end and sold half the room over priced pots and pans. This silver-tongued salesman knew what he was doing and which buttons to press. As a fellow salesman I sat in awe and got in line with my credit card in the air.


Granted a purchase came with a free 3-4 day cruise, which helped entice everyone. Needless to say we purchased the lowest option, still have the pots today, still paying it off today ($568 more to go) and worst of all we never went on the cruise. Big lesson learned is say no to impulse buying; always take 24 hours before spending a large amount.



For my audience that is engaged, I strongly recommend to find events just like this and attend for the free giveaways. That’s what a wedding is about, getting free presents, tax benefits and wedding cake! Finding wedding bands for free no cost helped us move money to other parts to pay for the wedding.


However as you can imagine the quality of the wedding bands is not the best but starting off in a marriage it will get the job done. Come back to the ring later down the road. If you recall from my first adventure, if not click here, I saved around $450 from my training per diem. That money was used to buy a new wedding band for my wife to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary

Lesson to Be Learned


Never participate in impulse buying as it can lead to more debt. For big events/purchases in your life find as many ways to cut costs, especially for a wedding. As a living testament the day is going to fly by and your lucky if you get to eat some dinner. Don’t go into debt over a wedding, your marrying each other not the wedding. Besides the wedding is more for your family, be selfish and think of yourselves.


Search for as many wedding events as you can find and go to each one for the free loot!!! Be cautious to not to buy anything the night of the event, you will kick yourself in the ass later. Also, even if you are married and just want some free stuff, go back and relieve your engagement days.

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